Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yeah, it's been awhile

I think the aliens must have abducted me after all. I don't know where the time went. Of course, being unemployed, except for a temporary, part-time job which a good friend landed me, I have to put a lot of time into free-lancing and my job search. On line. In the old days I would go around pathetically with my resumes and clipboard and pen. Don't forget the paperclips. If you have one handy to put your application and resume together it will look good and help you get a job.
Where'd I see that? In "What color is your parachute?" Maybe. Parachute indeed. The parachute was actually invented by a Slovak (little known but true fact), but this Slovak never had a company parachute. Last place I worked had about a month and half worth of severance and vacation pay for me, sort of a parachute, didn't leave that deep a hole in the ground when I landed.
Didn't bounce tho.
Anyway. So I'd go around and fill out applications, had my whole job history memorized, and never hear from any of those places again. It was a waste of time but it kept me out of bars. The unemployment service people liked that I did that. Showed I was sincere in my desire to be a contributing member of society.
Now I can sit at home with my computer and a cup of coffee, in my underwear (you really didn't need that visual, did you?) and fill out applications on line. Now I can not hear from people without having to leave the house. And the unemployment people are satisfied that I still want to be a productive and useful to my community and country.
If they only knew. But only the shadow knows.
Actually, considering the ease of e-mail, I am a little ticked off at how few responses I have gotten from the emails I sent out. Either I write a crappy letter and have a crappy resume or people are just rude. I prefer to think that they are just rude.
In the meantime—
The Obamarama has gone international to great acclaim from most if not all foreign countries. If the French and Germans could vote, Barack would be a shoo-in. Didn't make much of a difference here tho. But given McCain's lackluster performance so far it's a wonder why. Seems like he can just about stay awake for his appearances. All the blue-collar people are wondering if "elite" Barack can do anything for the working man. They don't remember (or given the level of education in this country never knew) that Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was about as elite as you canget, did more for the common man during his presidency than any other president. He certainly did more than George W. Bush has done.
That's enough free-association writing for the evening. I have to work back up to my previous level of literary annoyance.

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Hey sugarpuss! To be a true political blogger you gotta work full time, not fool around painting nudes, blissing out on Monteverdi, Jesus, or whatever, and pay attention to CYCLES.

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