Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Hallowed Ground"

Here's a series of photos a guy took of places around the World Trade center. All within four blocks or so.
Judge for yourself how hallowed it is. 

and a map:

The fear mongers are just evil. The NY Daily News had a picture of some kid on the front cover yesterday with the headline: "The teen-ager who suggested the site for the mosque—WAY TO GO KID"
So now they are going after teen-agers. Have these people no shame?

Frank Rich points out in his NY Times article today (August 22) that the right wing is undermining the very war in Afghanistan they support. The Taliban must be loving this. They are probably replaying videos of Fox News blatherings about the sacrilege of Muslims trying to build a mosque on "hallowed ground." And the comments of a gullible and fearful public don't help. I've heard some nasty stuff on the radio lately. Spoken by "good Christians" all. I bet the Afghanis who are wondering which side to support will be really impressed by this outburst of American understanding and good will.

And why aren't these asshats insisting we break off relations with Saudi Arabia, where all but one, I believe of the highjackers came from? Some are saying that Saudi Arabia is contributing funds to this project and that's another reason for disallowing it. That's bad, but us paying them for oil isn't.

I'm surprised someone hasn't suggested putting all Muslims in camps, like we did with the Japanese in WW2, so we can keep an eye on the evil bastards, by god, and make sure they don't make any more shoe and underwear bombs.

My heart breaks. My father came here because it was a land of freedom. When Czechoslovakia went Communist, no one suggested that he should be watched, not be trusted. Oh, but he was Christian, and white. Nah, that couldn't have been why.

This proposed building is going to be a community center with a prayer room. Aren't there hospitals and nursing homes with chapels? Is any building with a space for religious worship to be called a church, or synagogue, or mosque even if the space is only for the convenience for the people using the facility? If schools allowed prayer, like many of these so-called Christians demand, should we rename schools churches?
If my church allows yoga sessions, should we then be considered an ashram, not a church?

Again, this is a community center. This is not "on the site" of the WTC, it's on the site of a coat factory.
And many if not all, of the people wanting to build it are AMERICAN CITIZENS!

I started off just wanting to post a link to the photos. But this really bugs me. I need another drink.
Dear God, why do you put up with us?

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