Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aren't Repubicans fun?

Ah life—so many occasions for humor.
The so-called "moderate" Republicans had a pizza party in one of their efforts to try to become "more relevant." I hear the pizza, at least, was good. The "National Council for a New America"
led by Jeb "brother of U-No-Hu" Bush, George "Haircut" Romney, and Eric "Mad Dog" Cantor.
New America indeed.
A pizza party. How the mighty have fallen.
And this is the wing of the Repubican party (for some reason I keep leaving off the "L") which considers itself moderate and a hope for the future.
Now i really don't have a jones against Jeb Bush, supposedly the smarter brother, or Eric Cantor (just doing his job, ma'am) or even, well, maybe a little bit, against George Romney. He does have an impressive haircut.

But these guys are going nowhere with people like Mitch McConnell running the Repubican side of the Senate. He is leading the defense of the corporations who are evading taxes by setting up phony headquarters in the places like the Cayman Islands. He says any action to force these scofflaws to pay taxes is "a significant tax increase on companies."
He means actually making them pay what they owe is an increase?
Well, we can't expect much better from McConnell. He is a lying s.o.b. who is whoring for the business interests of this country. You can see it in his face at news conferences. He may actually believe what he says, but the untruths are eating him away inside anyway.

What really gets me, is, that after seeing photos of the Cayman Islands and the seven-mile-long beach, etc., I can't figure out why companies don't actually set up their headquarters there. I mean, really, a tropical island where you can live and work without the pain of winter in Chicago, Boston, New York, or any season in Houston, Texas—and these asshats just use it for a post-office box address?
Gimmee a break.

I guaranteee you, if I were CEO of a company that made enough money that it needed to set up a phony address in the Cayman Islands to pay taxes, I damn well would turn it into a legitimate address. Really. Beaches, tropical weather, distance from all the a-holes who want to make life difficult for you—WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

Go figure.

And if anyone wonders why I dare call McConnell a lying s.o.b.—
first—I don't think he can risk defending himself in a court of law
second—who am I for him to care about
third—man, if he went after me wouldn't it be a boost for my blog?
I mean, now, my only readers are a comic book artist, a crazy poetess in the Berkshires, and an obsessive-compulsive-disorder computer geek in the Albany area—maybe.
There may be a Lesbian minister in the mix somewhere.
These people read me once in a while.
On occasion.
Like the way I blog.
I have aspirations for the big time. Also, I never say anything I don't believe, unless it's clearly in humor.
And I am ready to sell out. Procter and Gamble, Toyota, Hersheys—give me a call. My people (i.e. me) are ready to talk to your people.

Good night all.
Aren't you sorry you weren't doing something more productive?


dogboy443 said...

I think it's time for your medication.

Scruffy said...

An 'obsessive-compulsive-disorder computer geek', eh? Hmmmmmm. By the way, I just ordered "The Cummington Story" on DVD through Target. I can't wait to show Tom - we both love that wonderful Aaron Copeland score.