Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another idiotic week

Yes, this was tax week! America's own private Calvary.
It's even more fun when one is unemployed. Here's what it's like:
You're just barely surviving with the 150 slices of bread you get every week. Then something happens and you can't get it anymore. So the government comes and says "Aw, let us us help you. Here's 100 pieces of bread, even though it's not quite enough, it's what we can do. Oh, but wait, we're going to want to take 15 slices back later, so don't eat them. And if anyone else helps you make up the rest of the 150 slices, we'll want to take 15% of those too."

The best solution to this governmental idiocy is to get another job that pays at least as much as your previous one. Of course. Did I mention six hundred thousand more people lost their jobs last month? Good luck.

I'm not one of those anti-tax people. I am willing to do my part for the good of the country, even tho i think we spend too much on fancy submarines and jets and too little on streets and transportation and people in trouble. But just sit down and try to do your own taxes, especially if you have more than the basic income, like a side business, personal taxes associated with your other business etc. There really can't be a cogent reason for this complication.

Speaking of anti-tax people, the teabagging idiots were out this week. And making substantial fools of themselves, likening Obama to Hitler and his government to fascism. And not bothering to discover the scatological meaning of teabagging to see why people are laughing at them.
Where do they come from?
It's an argument against the concept of evolution that these wingnuts haven't already been bred out of the gene pool after these thousands of years.

In other news, an organization called the National Organization for Marriage has a false, mendacious and also risible ad out now to scare people out of supporting gay marriage. It's so patently phony, with it's storm clouds in the distance and talk of fear and rights being taken away. The people who wrote that should be arrested.

Massachusetts has had gay marriage for some years now, and guess what? (quote) NORMAL (end quote) people are still getting married. Yes! Incredible as it seem, heterosexual marriage has survived, and even seems to be thriving. And some of the ministers conducting these heterosexual marriages are married gay or lesbian ministers. They haven't taken away the right of the rest of us to get married. Can you believe it? Also, already-married heterosexuals are not flocking to the courts for divorces on the grounds that marriage doesn't mean anything anymore.
And, frankly, heterosexuals have not been longing for an excuse to cohabit without benefit of clergy. They've not needed any excuses.

Of course this is Massachusetts. We're notorious for our ultra-liberal ideas and practices. I mean, the Kennedys came from here. We're still electing that liberal Ted Kennedy to Congress. But then, even with a brain tumor he's more intelligent than most of the other senators.

Steven Colbert has a highly amusing take-off of that ad. It points out the ridiculousness of the attitude and claims. Not that that is all that hard to do.

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